Excel Essentials: From Beginner To Pro

ExcelChamp Excel Course: From Beginner to Pro


This course highlights what you need to know in Microsoft Excel that will help you get your job done well in the real world. 

Our participants develop a newfound enthusiasm for using Excel after taking our course, and we’re confident you will too.

Our courses are popular among executives, financial analysts and business owners.

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate Excel user,
You Will Learn a Ton of Useful Excel Tips and Tricks That will Turn You into an Awesome Excel Warrior who is Invincible!

They Trust Us

We have trained over 6,000 professionals to become awesome in Excel

This course is a great start for beginners and intermediate Excel users, teaching useful shortcuts and functions. I’m looking forward to impressing my colleagues this month by adding some new features in our report.
Users learning Excel Crash Course at ExcelChamp in office.
Rina Sen
Finance Officer

Everyone is Welcome To Join

No matter your background, no matter your job, no matter your experience level – everyone is welcomed.

What is your reason for wanting to learn Excel?

Here are the types of people who enroll in our courses.


You manage the accounts, balance the books, and spend 12 hours a day in Numbers. Lighten your load with Expert Excel Skills.


You are an expert with data, cruncing and making it easy for your clients. You need to up your game with Excel gems!

Business Owners

You play the big game. You must be up to date with data & Excel skills to make the most of the current trends and future situation!


Data / Sales / HR / Credit / Finance or Reporting analysts drowning in data, you'll benefit from this course immensely.


Everyone's a student of Excel for life. There's so much to learn - home work assignments, projects, to data simulations & much more.

What if you’ve been using Excel for many years?

You’ve been using Excel for many years, and you want practical ideas to work more efficiently?

You’d like to discover little-known features that have been in hiding? This course will be a game changer for your job.

Smart Executive after attending ExcelChamp Excel Courses

There’s always a better way.

When it comes to Excel …

  • There’s always a faster workflow
  • There’s always a way to automate
  • There’s always a simpler formula
  • There’s always a hidden tool you haven’t discovered (that could make your life easier)
  • Why take five hours to complete a task in Excel when you find a shortcut that lets you complete it in 30 minutes?

You may call that lazy, but we call it smart.

After all, the lazy guy finds a way to save time by using a short cut or a better formula, or an automation.

So the Lazy guy is the Smart Guy!

Learning Excel Is A Journey – Your First Destination Is This Course

You’re not going to learn Excel overnight. It’s a journey. And every journey begins with the first step.

Want to start things off right?

You’re in the right place. This Excel Essentials course is perfect if:

  • You are brand-new and want to get comfortable navigating Excel
  • You’ve got some experience with Excel, but want to learn some new tips and tricks
  • You’re an Excel power user who wants to review the basics

If any of the above apply to you, keep reading, and see how my course can help.


My name is Vinai Prakash,  the founder of this website, and an education company called Intellisoft Training, in Singapore.

When I first started writing Excel tips and trick articles on this website, and later some videos on YouTube, I had no idea we’d get so many followers.

It’s been an amazing journey, and an honor to reach so many people through my websites & through YouTube, and more through my online and classroom courses.

But while I love our YouTube channel, and short articles, it’s not everything.

Yes, these are great for tips, techniques, and announcing new Excel features.

And it’s great because not everyone can afford our courses, so people can still get a ton of value for free (we have over 55 most popular articles & videos on our site, and counting).

But it’s inside our courses where the magic happens.

Going from simple tutorial articles to our online courses is like walking out of the noisy market and into a quiet classroom.

You’ll leave a loud, distracting environment and enter a place of optimal learning.

Today, I’d like to invite you into a classroom where you’ll learn the Essentials of Excel with me.

Vinai Prakash, Founder of ExcelChamp

Vinai Prakash

Excel Essentials: From Beginner to Pro from Vinai Prakash, ExcelChamp

Enroll in Excel Essentials

Learn Excel Charts
Learn Excel & Be a Pro

Take the same course others like you have taken to get started with Excel, and Become a Pro in no time!

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to confidently:

  • Input data and navigate large spreadsheets
  • Apply hacks to get your work done faster
  • Choose the right formula for the job
  • Use hidden features to transform messy data to proper data sets
  • Understand the story your data is trying to tell you
  • Organize, clean, and manage large data sets
    Create compelling Excel reports
  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Create flexible reports using Pivot Tables
  • Quickly Import and transform data with new tools
  • And so much more.

You’ll start with Excel basics to make sure you have a strong grasp of the fundamentals. You’ll get a tour of Excel, learn where to find things in the menus, enter numbers into cells, and even try out a few basic formulas.

You’ll then move on to more advanced topics like conditional formatting, creating charts & graphs, and even get a taste of Advanced Formulas & Functions like VLOOKUP, XLOOKUP, SUMIF etc.

Important: I don’t just cover the purpose of a feature or formula; I show how you can take advantage of it using practical, real-world examples.

Along the way, there will be challenges and quizzes to test your new Excel skills.

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Become Confident. Learn Excel from Scratch or Fill in the Gaps.

Course Outline

Section 1: Before You Start This Course

  • How to Get the Most Out of This Course
  • Download Course Files
  • Pre-assessment Quiz (track your progress)
  • Course Outline for Quick Reference
  • Quick Check-in

Section 2: A Quick Tour of Microsoft Excel

  • Excel Workbook, Worksheet, Cell Structure
  • A Quick Tour of Excel – Ribbon & Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customizing the Excel Interface
  • Summary: Overview of Important Excel Features
  • Quiz: Excel Fundamentals

Section 3: Excel Data Input & Hidden Features to Save Time

  • Overview – Data Input & Hidden Excel Features
  • Data Entry and Editing
  • Basic Excel Formulas
  • Text to Speech (Hidden Feature)
  • Correctly Input Dates and Time Stamps
  • Use AutoFill To Do Your Work
  • Flash Fill for Major Time Saving (Become Pro)
  • Custom Lists With AutoFill (Hidden Feature)
  • Inputting & Editing Comments & Notes
  • Finding Formula & Input Cells with ONE Click (Become Pro)
  • Data Validation to Reduce Time Checking Data
  • Adding Tool Tips (Screen Tips in Excel)
  • Learn to Work with Pictures, Shapes & Other Objects
  • Quiz: Data Input in Excel
  • Challenge: Data Manipulation & Preparation
  • Solution: Data Manipulation & Preparation
  • Summary: Key Features to Impress & Save Time

Section 4: Worksheet Navigation, Copying and Protecting

  • Overview – Worksheet Navigation
  • Useful Excel Shortcuts for Navigation (Become Pro)
  • Copying, Moving & Hiding Worksheets
  • Freeze Panes (Lock Rows, Columns) & Split Screen
  • Hide & Unhide, Insert, Adjust Columns & Rows
  • Copying and Pasting Data (Hidden Features)
  • Protecting Worksheets & Specific Ranges
  • Challenge: Update & Protect Report
  • Solution: Update & Protect Report
  • Quiz: Worksheet Navigation
  • Summary: Important Worksheet Features & Shortcuts

Section 5: Beginning Excel Formulas & What to be Aware of

  • Overview & Finding Excel Functions from Insert Function
  • How Excel Calculates – Order of Precedence
  • Simple but Useful Formulas
  • Essential Excel Rule (Don’t Skip!)
  • Absolute and Relative Cell Referencing
  • Improve Clarity with Range Names
  • Referencing other Workbooks or Worksheets
  • Circular References & How to Locate Them
  • Combine Values From Two or More Cells to ONE Cell
  • Challenge: Allocate Yearly Value Based on Percentages
  • Solution: Allocate Yearly Value Based on Percentages
  • Quiz: Excel Formulas
  • Summary: Key Points when Writing Formulas

Section 6: Most Important Excel Functions (Everything you need to become Pro)

  • Overview & Finding Excel Functions from Insert Function
  • Important! Working with Functions
  • COUNT based on a Condition (COUNTIFS)
  • SUM & AVERAGE Functions
  • SUM by Criteria (SUMIFS, AVERAGEIFS)
  • Rounding Values (ROUND, ROUNDUP & ROUNDOWN)
  • Essential Excel Date Functions
  • Time Calculations – Total Time Worked
  • Handling Excel Formula Errors
  • IF (Then, Else) Function – Conditional Formulas
  • VLOOKUP Function – Lookup Values from Another Place
  • Challenge: How Good Are you with Excel Functions?
  • Solution: How Good Are you with Excel Functions?
  • NEW 365 Functions: FILTER, SORT, UNIQUE, XLOOKUP & More
  • Summary: Important Excel Functions

Section 7: Data Cleanup & Management: Sorting, Filtering & Replacing data

  • Overview – Data Cleanup, Analysis & Management Tools
  • Sort Data (Organize & Create Order)
  • Unsort Data to Revert to Original Order
  • Add Subtotals to Sorted Data
  • Filter Data to Extract What you Need
  • Delete Blank or Empty Rows in Excel
  • Fill Empty Cells in One Go (Become Pro)
  • Remove Duplicates to Get a Unique List
  • Find, Select & Emphasize
  • Find and Replace Values & Formatting (Hidden Feature)
  • Why Excel Tables Can be a Time Saver (Become Pro)
  • Challenge: Data Management
  • Solution: Data Management
  • Summary: Tools to Organize, Clean & Manage Data
  • Special Message – You’ve Got This

Section 8: Formatting Data With Conditional & Number Formatting in Excel

  • Overview – All About Formatting
  • Formatting Tips – Alignment, Borders & More
  • Better Than Merge (Become Pro)
  • Justify Text Length (Hidden Feature)
  • Number Formatting Options (& Special Formatting)
  • Conditional Formatting (Top Bottom Analysis & More)
  • Icons & Data Bars with Conditional Formatting
  • Quiz: Excel Formatting
  • Challenge: Format Report
  • Solution: Format Report
  • Summary: Useful Formatting Tips

Section 9: How To Print Excel Files & Save as PDF

  • Checklist Before Printing
  • Useful Printing Options
  • Adding Page Breaks & Printing Parts of a Sheet
  • Printing Large Datasets (Make sure you include this!)
  • Header & Footer in Excel (Logo, Page Numbers, etc.)
  • Saving as PDF & Printing Many Sheets
  • Challenge: Prepare Report for Printing
  • Solution: Prepare Report for Printing
  • Summary: Important Printing Options

Section 10: Best Workbook Design Principles

  • Good Spreadsheet Design Principles (with Examples)
  • Adding Hyperlinks (Plus a Smart Workaround)
  • Define Cell Styles & Set Defaults (e.g. for Excel Tables)
  • Workbook Theme & Color to Save Time
  • Use Your Own Excel Templates
  • Quiz: Workbook Design
  • Summary: Workbook Design Principles

Section 11: Working With Excel Charts

  • Overview – Create Helpful Charts
  • Chart Basics for a Quick Start
  • Adding More Series to a Chart (Comparison Charts – Method 1)
  • Comparison Charts – Actual & Variance (Method 2)
  • Combination Charts (Plus a Hidden Feature)
  • Dynamic Chart Ranges with Excel Tables
  • Pareto & Histogram Charts (Excel 2016)
  • Treemap Chart (Excel 2016)
  • Sunburst, Pie & Doughnut Charts
  • Sparklines – Mini Charts Inside Cells
  • Quiz: Excel Charts
  • Challenge: Treemap for Management Report
  • Solution: Treemap for Management Report
  • Summary: Working with Excel Charts

Section 12: Generate Quick Insights with Excel Pivot Tables

  • Benefits of PivotTables & Starting Checklist
  • Inserting a PivotTable
  • Why You Should Use Tables as Pivot Source (Become Pro)
  • Sorting Pivot Data & Analyzing Multiple Items
  • Adding Calculations & Multiple Reports with PivotTables
  • Using Slicers & Timeline (Working with Dates)
  • Creating PivotCharts
  • PivotTables or Formulas? When to Use What
  • Challenge: Data Analysis with PivotTables
  • Solution: Data Analysis with PivotTables
  • Summary: Important PivotTable Features

Section 13: Next Steps & Beyond

  • Your Next Steps & More Learning

Yes, that's a lot of topics.

It's good to have enough topics so that if you need any help with any topic in Excel, you'll find it covered in these lesson topics.

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Become Confident. Learn Excel from Scratch or Fill in the Gaps.

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Learn Microsoft Excel Features & Functions in an Online Course by Vinai Prakash, ExcelChamp

Can You Afford To Not Get Better At Excel?

It’s not an exaggeration to say getting good at Excel can change your life.

  • It can help you get a job
  • It can help you get a raise or a promotion
  • It can help you better understand your company’s financial situation
  • It can solve difficult problems and make the correct solution obvious

How much longer will you do things the manual way? How much hair will you pull out while you wrestle with formulas? How many more mistakes will the boss tolerate?

Put an end to your Excel frustrations for good. This course will get you up & running with Excel – fast. There is no risk to joining as we have a 30-day guarantee. If you change your mind, no problem. But you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.

Best Online Microsoft Excel course

Let’s summarize all you get in this course:

  • Access to our entire 13-module course (11+ hours of videos)
  • Lifetime access, so you’re never in a rush to complete a lesson
  • Our collection of Excel essential cheat sheets to keep at your desk
  • Practice & Solution Workbooks for each Section
  • A comment section to get your questions answered by our staff (how awesome is that?)
  • English Captions so you can easily follow along each video
  • Quizzes to track how well you understand the concepts
  • Challenges to test your knowledge and give you inspiration
  • Complete eBook to read and reference whenever you need
  • New updates to the course for Office 365  like XLOOKUP, FILTER, SORT
  • And more essential functions you need to know to stay on top!

Hope to see you inside soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

In ExcelChamp Courses, we are using Excel 2016 / 2019 / Office 365. While you can apply the concepts to older versions of Excel (Excel 2013, 2010 or 2007), to get the most out of it, use Excel 2019, 2016 or Office 365.

No, this course is not just for beginners only. It’s helpful to think of this course as serving three groups of people.

Group 1 – Excel beginners. Yes, this course is the perfect “first stop along the journey” for anyone looking to learn Excel from scratch.

Group 2 – Excel intermediates. You’re comfortable using Excel, but you know you’ve got a long way to go. You know you’re doing things the hard way and want to make life easier. This course is for you.

Group 3 – Excel Experts & Power Users. Sure, You’re an Excel power user. You’ve been using Excel daily for years. You know almost all the features, but still, you’d like to review the basics. We respect your humility! There is always something new to learn. This course is the place for you.

This course begins on December 6, 2023. 

Each week, ONE New Modules will be Released. 

You can download or watch online all the lessons in that module. You will also be able to download the Exercise files, sample files, and challenge exercise files.  

How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like – across any and all devices you own.

We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us at support@excelchamp.net in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

Yes! Most online courses leave you on your own, but not here at ExcelChamp.

We have a team of helpful teaching assistants (TA’s) ready to answer your questions about each lesson. Below each lesson, you’ll find a comment section where you can ask a question about the topic. Our TA’s will chime in and do their best to help you.

No prior Excel knowledge is needed. We will start from scratch. This course is designed for Excel on Windows (some techniques might not work on Mac). It would be great if you have Excel for Office 365 or Excel 2016 or above.

When you click on the Enrol Button, you will be taken to the Stripe Payment Page. It will show our parent company “BRAND RICH LLP“.

This is where you make your payment using a Credit Card.

Upon Payment, our Training Coordinator Team will be in touch with you within 24 hours to confirm your training registration.

For any questions related to your billing or payment, email to us at support@excelchamp.net

Yes. ExcelChamp Courses are a one time payment program. There are no recurring charges.

Yes you can. After your payment you will get it shortly.

If you need it in a specific format, please email support@excelchamp.net with “invoice” in the subject.

We can also invoice you before purchase so you can make a payment against it. Please email us.

Got Another Question?

I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for the fantastic Excel course you delivered.

Your expertise and teaching style made the learning experience not only valuable but also enjoyable.

I feel much more confident in my Excel skills now, thanks to your guidance.

The way you explained complex concepts and demonstrated real-world applications truly enhanced my understanding of Microsoft Excel

Your patience and willingness to address our questions were greatly appreciated.

I look forward to putting my newfound knowledge into practice and leveraging Excel to its fullest potential.

– Pranav Jaiswal, Sony

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