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ExcelChamp is the brain child of Vinai Prakash. Vinai has been teaching simple tricks and techniques to maximize the potential of Microsoft Excel and improving the productivity of people since 1995.

Vinai Prakash
Vinai Prakash

Vinai has helped thousands of students through his public and corporate training workshops, in using Microsoft Excel and making the most of it – learning simple formulas, creating more complex formulas, easy to understand charts, and de-mystifying Excel functionality to create meaningfulĀ  dashboards, charts and use it for data interpretation and analysis.

Vinai lives in Singapore with his wife and two kids. He conducts Microsoft Excel training workshops in Singapore, India, Dubai, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Egypt, Zimbabwe, etc. and is a sought after speaker for Data Interpretation and Analysis, as well as the Pivots, Charts, Dashboard Masterclass all over the world.

You can contact Vinai for any speaking or training engagement at your organization. Simply sendĀ  an email to Vinai (at) ExcelChamp.Net.

You can also reach Vinai at +65 9877-3485.


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    • Hi John,
      Thanks for the invite. Sorry, I was not aware of the event. I could come in the next year event if you could update me sufficiently earlier.
      Thanks – Vinai Prakash


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