25 Amazing Excel Tips For Massive Productivity Gains

Most people use Microsoft Excel to Organise and Visualize large amounts of Data & Save Time by Getting Complex Tasks Done Faster.

Yes, I find people using long and cumbersome methods to do simple tasks, which makes them much longer to get things done. They are frustrated but think that there is no other way.

Actually, you can improve your productivity by learning some simple tips and tricks, shortcuts, formulas that will save you countless hours.

Also, learn to Analyze Data Quickly with Excel here.

Here’s my collection of the Best & Most Amazing Excel Tips & Tricks that I have compiled for you. I am sure you will learn something new, and gain from these amazing tips that will give you massive productivity gains.

List of Amazing Excel Tips For You

  1. How to Use Relative & Absolute Referencing To Your Advantage
  2. Begin Using Range Names & Get Rid of Absolute Referencing
  3. Master IF Function For Quick Decision Making
  4. Conditionally SUM a few rows only, based on a criterion with SUMIF
  5. Count only a few cells, based on any logic you can think of, by using the COUNTIF function
  6. Go Beyond Formatting Tables to Actually using them For amazing Insights
  7. Stop using Average. Use the Median Function to get a better sense of your data.
  8. Use Special Data Types built into Excel to get Demographic, Weather, and other useful information
  9. Learn to Combine Cells to Make Better Looking Reports
  10. The Amazing Flash Fill can Do wonders to save you time
  11. Learn some Date Magic in Excel
  12. Find the difference between any 2 dates, with or without counting the Weekends – your choice!
  13. Convert any data from Centigrade to Fahrenheit, or centimetres to inches. There are hundreds of free conversions built into Excel for you.
  14. Master Pivot Tables To Analyze Any Data within minutes. Also, check out our Free MasterCourse on Analyzing Data With Pivot Tables on YouTube
  15. Create Self Updating Pivot Charts
  16. Create Beautiful Printouts & Reports With Beautiful Printing Options within Excel
  17. Move around easily by Freezing or Splitting Sheets and Views easily
  18. Don’t have time to analyze data? Can’t figure out where to start? Too much data? Fret not. Get Free Analysis Ideas done for you in a jiffy. And for more Advanced Data Analysis, use the Analysis Toolpak.
  19. Hide or Show Grid Lines to make Excel look like Word or PowerPoint. Plus it makes better output and a pleasing view too.
  20. Setup Links to other sheets or other workbooks with this simple hyperlinking technique and never have to search for your sheets. It is best is to create a Table of Contents with this technique.
  21. Use Color To Enhance your experience working with multiple sheets, and create a livelier Workbook that looks amazing.
  22. Before you analyze anything, remember to Remove Duplicates in a single click
  23. Never get invalid or wrong data in your data. Setup Drop Down Lists so that all data entry is done to conform to the valid values only. Saves countless hours fixing data quality issues. Nip the evil in the bud with proper data validation with drop-down lists.
  24. Moving around? Don’t have your own laptop? Don’t want to pay for an Excel license? No worries. You can use Excel For Free on the web. All you need is an Internet account and a free Microsoft account.
  25. Got a colleague or Team to Brainstorm ideas? Now you can all work on the same Excel file at the same time with Collaboration built right into Microsoft Excel.
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