6 New Chart Types in Excel 2016

Before the year 2016 begins, Microsoft has already unveiled Microsoft Office 2016 suite – with a number of enhancements, features, and completely new things that extend the existing Excel and takes it to new levels.

In the latest and greatest Microsoft Excel 2016, we see 6 new types of charts, which will help to transform the data into much better insights, information and visualization delight than ever before.

Microsoft Excel 2016 boasts New Charts that can display:

  1. Sunburst Chart
  2. Treemap Chart
  3. Waterfall Chart
  4. Stock Chart
  5. Pareto Chart
  6. Box and Whisker Chart

shows the new charts in PowerPoint2016

The Sunburst chart looks like a pie chart, but has rich, extended functionality. You can now visualize the data at multiple levels, which was simply not possible with a pie chart.

Business Analytics in Excel 6

The Waterfall chart in Excel is a welcome addition. Previously, we had to write cumbersome VBA code, and even use external charting applications to create waterfall charts. This type of waterfall chart is great to show stock price movements.

Business Analytics in Excel 7

A Pareto chart shows the 80-20 Rule, which applies to any business, in any industry, and has been proven to be a great indicator of the top KPIs that make the difference. Doing a 80-20 Pareto Analysis required us to Build a 2 Axis chart in previous version of Excel (like Excel 2013, Excel 2010 or Excel 2007 etc.)

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These new chart types in Excel 2016  will help us in creating beautiful charts in Excel, and take it to the next level of visualization of data, and presentation for our clients, management, users, and for our own data analysis and charting analysis.

In the coming weeks, I will be highlighting more new features of Microsoft Excel 2016. Do let me know if I can help you in any way in using Microsoft Excel 2016.

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