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Learn Advanced Excel Techniques Quickly, Easily, Anytime & Anywhere
ExcelChamp Launches Online Training Video Program For Your Benefit.

Would you like to Learn How to use Pivot Tables, Formulas, Data Validation, Macros, Charts, Tables to process data, create meaningful reports, and get more done with Microsoft Excel quickly and easily?

Now you can learn all about Pivots, Functions like Vlookup, Charts, Macros and many other features of Microsoft Excel sitting at the comfort of your home of office, in small byte sized video lessons.

Watch each lesson in a recorded HD quality video, and then do the exercises in the provided example files. Learn by watching, and then Master the Skill by doing it yourself.

There is simply no other better way to learn than by doing it yourself, following the step by step methodology. It has already helped thousands of our students to learn and master Excel skills quickly and easily.

What will be Covered?
We have created a comprehensive course, with the entire material broken into several short videos, so you can learn at your own pace and timing. The entire course is spread into 35+ videos, spanning over 20 hours of instructions.

Course Contents

  • Custom Formatting (3 Videos)
  • Excel Formulas & Functions (8 Videos)
  • Range Names (2 Videos)
  • Sorting & Filtering Data (3 Videos)
  • Creating Excel Charts (4 Videos)
  • Working with Pivot Tables (5 Videos)
  • Sharing Workbooks (2 Videos)
  • Managing & Consolidating Multiple Workbooks (3 Videos)
  • Protecting Workbooks (2 Videos)
  • Creating & Using Excel Macros (3 Videos)
  • Excel Shortcuts (2 Videos)

Who Will Teach?
This online course is completely taught by me, Vinai Prakash. All the videos are recorded by me, and I will be answering the questions in the Member’s only Forum too. With over 28 years of experience in IT, Training, and coaching over 5,000 students worldwide, I have seen the common problems faced by most people in using Excel, and how to solve them. I have been running the ExcelChamp blog for the past 3 years, helping hundreds of students get most out of Excel everyday.

I am also a full time trainer, teaching Excel data analysis, dashboarding techniques to companies and individuals in Singapore, Dubai, USA, India, UK, Egypt, Zimbabwe and over 30+ other countries worldwide.

What if You have questions?
Simply post your questions in the private, members only forum inside of your Member’s Area. We will reply to your question within a day. This way, you can get personalized answers to the questions or problems you may be facing.

How much does it Cost?
The entire cost of this training program is only USD99. You can make a secure payment with your Credit or Debit Card through PayPal. You do not need an account with PayPal to sign-up for this Online Advanced Excel Training program.

How Long Can I Access The Lessons?
You get to access the lessons for a whole one year period. During this time, you can watch any video lesson any number of times, and even download them to your PC/Laptop or Tablet/Phone. All the videos are recorded in full HD video format.

When Will The Training Start?
The next training program will open on Monday, November 9, 2015. Each week, 5 new videos are released and you can watch them anytime or even download them to your PC/Mac desktop or laptop. This will continue for 6 weeks. After this, you still have access to all the videos and exercise files for a whole year, so you can take your time to practice and master the new skills and techniques.

After you make the payment, a login id and password will be emailed to you 5 days before the training starts. You can then login and get familiar with the Member’s only forum, introduce yourself, and watch some introductory lessons. The training program will start on March 16th 2015. Join Advanced Excel Online Training

Benefits of Online Advanced Excel Training Program
There are several benefits of this online training.

  1. You can learn any time, anywhere. All you need is a good internet connection.
  2.  You can stop, pause, rewind, and watch any video any number of times.
  3.  Each video comes with sample example file, which you can use to learn step by step, as I show you on the video.
  4.  Each lesson also comes with extra exercises for you to do and learn on your own to master the skill.
  5.  You can skip any lesson, start any lesson at any time. Although we recommend a sequence of watching the videos, you are free to choose what topic you would like to learn today.
  6.  Ask Questions any time. We will reply to you within one day. This alone is a fantastic & awesome benefit, which is not possible in any other kind of training. In classroom training, you may not have enough time to absorb the concept, try it, and then ask questions if you get stuck. Further, in classroom training, the trainer has to cover a number of topics in each day, hardly giving you enough time to ask questions.

Join The Advanced Excel Online Training Program Now!
You can make a one time payment of USD99 to join this program. Payment can be made via your Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit cards.

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Contact Us
If you have any questions regarding the training program, please email them to me at

We hope to see you soon in the Online Classroom.

Vinai Prakash
Founder & Master Trainer: ExcelChamp & Intellisoft Training

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