How To Count Cells With a Certain Value in Excel

There are several instances when you need to count the number of cells that contain a certain value.

For example, you want to:

  • Count if a product code is duplicated or not
  • Count the existence of a text string in a given range of cells

To do this, there are several different ways in Microsoft Excel.

Method 1: Use Sum & If Functions in Excel

=SUM( IF(range=”text”, 1, 0))

Note that this is an array formula, meaning that it must be keyed in a special way. Do not simply press Enter key to finish typing this formula. You must press CTRL + SHIFT + ENTER together.

Once you key in the array formula, it looks like below ( this formula searches for the value of 5 inn the cell ranging from A1 to C3. If it finds a 5, it counts a 1. All the counts are then Summed Up.)

=SUM( IF( A1:C3 = 5, 1, 0) )

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Method 2: Use the inbuilt Countif Function of Excel

 =COUNTIF(A1:C3, “text”)

Note that this is a simple and straight forward way. It is not considered an Array function. Just key it in, and press the Enter key.

Voila, it shows you the correct count.

There you are! Two Simple ways to count the number of occurrences of a value in a range of cells in Excel.

These above 2 methods work in all versions of Excel, on the PC and on the Mac.

Hope you will benefit from them!

Vinai Prakash

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