Dynamic Chart Titles in Excel

A chart title in Excel is  usually hard coded.

This means that when underlying data changes, the heading does not change… it remains static… unless someone notices it, and modifies it manually.

Thus, headings like “Sales for September 2014”, “Revenue for Q1, 2014” etc. are not wise, and may even reflect the wrong picture… specially if the data is updated, but the heading is not.

Most people do not realize that it is possible to customize the heading, and it could be a formula, or based on any cell in the worksheet.

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How To Customize A Chart Heading?

Simple. First use formulas to build a dynamic heading in a particular cell in Excel. It could be like:

=”Sales for ” & A1

Second, Click on the Heading in the chart. Once the heading is highlighted, move to the formula bar. Either key in this formula in the formula bar, or refer to the cell which contains this formula.

Now the chart will show a Dynamic Chart Heading… that changes, based on the data selected.

Hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other challenges in Excel.

Cheers,Vinai Prakash

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