How to Analyze Data using Excel Pivot Tables

Do you know how easy it is to use the Pivot Tables in Excel, for Data Analysis?

To demonstrate this, I went to the Internet, and  found some travel data. It belongs to an unnamed Travel Company. The travel company collects the amount of ticket sales, the age of the passenger, and their gender only.

Based on this, how do we analyze the data, and find some hidden gems of information that can make the data come alive, and aid us in doing some real life Marketing.

Watch this step by step video on analyzing this data, using the Pivot Table technique in Microsoft Excel. I am using Excel 2010 version for this demonstration.

As you can see, many hidden insights can be found by using the Pivot Tables in Excel. So get started… Use them in your day to day work, and become a Data Analyst, rather than a Data Gatherer or Data Reporter…

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