How to Replace Blanks With Any Value or Zeros in Excel

This is a common problem. You import some text file, and half of it seems blank. The problem is that if it is showing blanks, you can’t sum the values.

To replace each blank with a zero is time consuming, boring and stupid. We want a fast method that works in just a few clicks, and saves us loads of time for our families 🙂

There are many ways to achieve this task of replacing Blank with Zeroes, or Replacing Blanks with Any Other Values in Excel.

Method 1: Use the GoTo Method to Find & Replace

Click on Home > Find & Select > GoTo Special. This will open up a new popup window.

Go To Special Popup in Excel
GoTo Special menu – Select Blanks

Choose Blanks Radio Button, and Click OK.

All the Blank Cells will get highlighted. Do not worry. Simply type a Zero or any other value that you want to put in the blank cells.

Do this in the currently active cell. Press


Voila! The keyed in Values is showing in all the Blank Cells now.

Method 2: Use an IF condition

For example, if you want to selectively key in 0 for blanks, key in this formula below.=IF(A2=””,0,A2)

This formula checks if the cell A2 is blank or not. IF it is blank, it will replace it with a 0, or else it will not change it.

Once done, you can drag the formula to the selected cells. Works beautifully!

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Method 3: Variation of the IF Method, using the ISBLANK function

Now we have an in-built function that can check if the cell ISBLANK or not.


Same Magic!

If you have any other favorite method, do share it with us below in the comments!

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