Showing The Hidden First Column in Excel

It is quite easy to show or hide columns in Excel. Simply select a column, and press Control + 0 . The column is hidden from the view. You can make it out because of a dark line separating the columns. If you hide the B column, you will only see column A & Column C, and it is apparent that column B is hidden.

To unhide, simply select both column A & Column C. Then right click and select Unhide. Column B is brought back into view.

This works great most of the time. And it works in showing or hiding rows too.

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But the problem arises when you want to hide the first column – Column A. Now it is difficult to select 2 adjacent columns, and you are unable to Unhide Column A.

Steps to Display the Hidden First Column (Column A) in Excel

  1. Press F5. The Go To dialog box will popup.
  2. Key in the cell A1 in Reference, and press Enter.
  3. The cursor would have moved to the cell A1, even if you can not see it. Do not worry.
  4. Now go to the Home Tab (in Excel 2007, 10 & 2013)
  5. Click on Format button – it is near the far end of the screen… toward the right side of the ribbon.
  6. Choose Visibility > Hide & Unhide. Then select to Unhide Columns.

    Unhide columns or Rows in Excel
    Unhide columns or Rows in Excel
  7. Voila! You will now be able to see the column A. It has been un-hidden.

It is a simple trick. Excel is all about simple tips and tricks… The more you practice, the more you try, the more gold shall ye find!

Vinai Prakash

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