View All Formulas in Excel with a Single Click

When someone sends you an Excel file, you may want to find out where the formulas are, and where are the values.

But with everything showing as a number, it is difficult… and you need to move from cell to cell, to find out if it is indeed a number, or a calculation based on a formula.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to find out where the formulas are, and see them all, at a glance.

Simply press the Control Key and hold it. Then press the ` symbol. On most keyboards, it is just above the Tab Key on the Left of the keyboard.

Tilde Key to View Formulas in Excel

This is a toggle shortcut. Each time you press the keystroke., it will turn itself on or off. So press CTRL + ` and you will see all the formulas, press the same keystroke one more time, and you are back to the values.

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Give it a try… it is really fun, and cool too!

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